The Coolest Motorbike On The Planet

The Coolest Motorbike On The Planet

The 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D

Bimota Tesi 3D
Bimota Tesi 3D

Its Origins

This amazing and revolutionary bike has quite a history. The  Italian company is based in Rimini, was formed in 1972 by Bianchi, Mori and Tamburini. Massimo Tamburini crashed his honda CB 750 in the early 70s and decided that such a powerful bike needed a much better frame and so Bimota was born. Bimota had lot of success in its early days, fitting powerful motors ibto their superbly engineered frames, till basically the Japanese caught on and started making better frames for their bikes.

In the 80’s under the mentorship of Bimotas then technical head (Federico Martini), a student named Pierluigi Marconi designed the TESI (italian for thesis) at university while finishing his mechanical engineering degree. This innovative design was produced by Bimota as the Tesi 1D in the early 90s. It featured hub steering, an idea orignally tried 30’s. Marconi used the motor as a stressed member in his *Omega* frame. The advantage of the hub steered design was the bikes geometry would remain constant under acceleration and braking and wouldn’t dive under braking, like traditional forks.


The 1079 cc bike is being sold in extremely limited numbers and is now available in a black(carbon fibre) finish, as well as the traditional Bimota red white and gold. It represents the cutting edge of technology and the natural evolution of its original design,

Specs can be found here

If your interested in reading more about this amazing company I can suggest the following books
Bimota Limited Edition Extra 1991-2000
Bimota Limited Edition Extra 1978-1990

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