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3DTV or Not to 3DTV, is that the Question? October 8, 2010

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3D or Not to 3D, is that the Question?

Originally I had little to no interest in 3D TVs. I had never got around to seeing a movie at the cinema, in 3D, and so my initial exposure was a very brief demo of an early prototype,¬† and it left me wondering what all the fuss was about. As the demo was trying to show this pre-production prototype 3DTV to as many people as possible, I only got to view about 20 seconds of a 3D game. It suffered from whats known as cross talk(where the stereo images don’t align) making it fuzzy and blurred, and this also diminished the 3D effect. Not a good way to start.

Nothing had leaped out of the screen at me, and I walked away thinking *meh* why bother. My next exposure to 3D was on a proper production model, and it was a Revelation. All the crosstalk was gone and the image was razor sharp and in full 3D effect. Now I was thinking maybe there is something to this 3D thing. I think the industry hasn’t done itself any favors, by always¬† having things coming out of the TV (in advertising), when in reality, whats really cool about 3D is how deep into the TV the image goes. Sure you do get some things coming out of the TV screen, but what 3D does really well is the sense of depth you get into the TV screen.

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Logitech G 27 Racing Wheel January 7, 2010

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Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for PC and PS3

I love racing games and although I am happy to use a standard joy-pad controller for most games, its just not right for driving games. A proper wheel with pedals is the only way to go. When you drive a real car, you don’t have a button that’s on or off for an accelerator or brake, you have a pedal that you can be held at 70% through a corner, and then planted at the apex. You can modulate the brake when your on dirt to prevent lock up. A switch just doesn’t give you that control. read full article here

SONY Playstation 3 July 28, 2009

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Playstation 3

PlayStation 3 120 GB

Well after much contemplation I finally got myself a PlayStation 3. I had been tossing up between it and an Xbox 360, and finally decided the PlayStation 3 was better suited to my needs. The built in Blu-ray player was a bonus, and for my needs really just for the advantages it brings gaming(larger capacity equaling bigger more detailed games), not as a movie player. I’m not sold on the push to HD(high definition) as I have an awesome Standard definition widescreen TV(a german Loewe) that I plan to have for many more years, and I don’t see a major difference between excellent SD and average HD. I can’t afford good HD and even then, its a subtle improvement at best. read full article here

BELKIN Nostromo N52te Gamepad February 9, 2009

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With my new Asus N50vc laptop having the ability to run most games, I thought it was time to grab a couple and see how it performed. One of the games I grabbed was Mirrors Edge.This game is great and highly addictive but control and precision timing are essential. read full article here

ASUS N50VC Laptop February 8, 2009

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I have just upgraded to this latest model Asus Centrino 2 notebook. I was using a 18 month old 2ghz Asus Laptop that was incredibly reliable. I do most of my daily net tasks(like writing this blog) on my Acer netbook but use my laptop for Music production, Video editing and now some gaming. read full article here