BELKIN Nostromo N52te Gamepad

With my new Asus N50vc laptop having the ability to run most games, I thought it was time to grab a couple and see how it performed. One of the games I grabbed was Mirrors Edge.This game is great and highly addictive but control and precision timing are essential.

Belkin Nostromo N52te
Belkin Nostromo N52te

After trying a few different options I decided to get this unit. It wasn’t cheap but it does feel great and has a lifetime warranty.

After installing the software I booted up the game and was stoked at how well the N52te worked and what a difference it made to game play.

I actually completed the level I was on(the first level btw) after only a few attempts. This was a massive improvement.  I then went back into the program and re-assigned a couple of the more used keys for easier access, and it was even better.

Another session in the game and I decided to record a macro for a particulary hard key press combo that I was struggling with in the game. Actually the press combo wasn’t that complicated but I only got it right now and then, and so the macro has made this a non-issue.

I am often playing at night so the backlighting on the keys is kinda cool, but you tend to just feel them without looking, so it’s  nice but not essential. It does look V cool though and that’s never a bad thing.

I havent used the D-pad or scroll wheel in this game, but I am confident they will come in handy in other games. This device is great and although probably a liitle pricey for a casual gamer(like me), I am glad I got it.

I rate this device 9 out of 10

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