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So You Bought a 944 June 22, 2019

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What Do I need to Do First?

First take a deep breath and let it soak in that you now own one of the greatest handling cars ever made. It is a car that was the benchmark for many other cars, like the RX7 because it was seen as the best of it kind at the time. The connection to the road is unlike most cars, and something most people have never experienced before, and it allows the driver to feel, in a more analogue way, the joy of driving, whether that is using momentum in a NA(normally aspirated) or having a blast in the turbo, which is still a very fast car despite it’s age(and can easily be modified to be even faster). So first thing is pull up a chair and just look at your gorgeous car.

First Things First

Some things should be done straight away, and if the car has no service history, some of these should be done before even turning over the motor, especially for cars that have been left sitting for many years. The engines in 944’s are what are known as an interference motor, and so if the timing belts break, the valves will hit the pistons and do expensive damage, and hence the importance of resisting the temptation to start her up and see what she will do. So first thing is to find out when belts were last replaced and if unknown, then replace the before trying to start the car. Most owners replace the water pump with every second belt change as it is easier to do when the belts are off, so this should also be done at the same time if not known. So first thing to do is replace the timing belts and water pump unless you have documentation to show they have been done in last 3-4 years or 40,000 miles, which is considered by most a good point to replace them. Many people go longer but as it is a Porsche and an engine rebuild uses Porsche parts, it pays to be cautious.

The next must do is replace the fuel lines in the engine bay. These sit above the exhaust headers and so any leak will be catastrophic. Personally this is a no brainer. It is not expensive, by Porsche standards, and several vendors sell new kits that will give you years of worry free driving.  Things to consider doing at same time are fuel filter, and I upgraded my fuel pump to a high volume pump available from Lindsay racing. Cleaning or replacing the fuel strainer in the tank is also a good idea, if car has been sitting.

Obviously giving the car a good service including new plugs, rotor, cap, and leads, and an oil change and new oil filter, make sense too. I also think changing the transmission and  braking system fluids, is a good idea while you are in there. Repacking the grease in CV joints too, especially if car as been sitting

If car has been sitting it is probably a good idea to get fuel injectors rebuilt or at a minimum cleaned and inspected.

Other Things to do

Solid State DME Relay

These cars use an electro-mechanical relay(DME relay) in the ignition circuit, and for many years experienced owners always carried a couple of spares in the glove box, as when they fail you are stranded. You can jerry rig a couple of wires or even a paper clip to get yourself going, MacGyver style, but a few years ago, a very clever guy designed a solid state relay to replace the normal one, and it eliminates the need to worry about this issue permanently. This to me is another no brainer. I had my relay fail, replaced it and still the car wouldn’t start, replaced it with another and still wouldn’t start but luckily I had another that got the car going. I was a beta tester for these relays so have had mine for many years. They are available at Focus9 website You can buy either a pump prime that turns on fuel pump straight away so is meant to make starting easier, but I happily use the standard version.

Engine Harnesses

The engine management system known as the DME uses 2 sensors called the speed and reference sensors, that have usually been replaced several times during the life of the car, so the wiring to the connector on this is usually a lot newer than the car but the harness that goes from the connector back to the the DME is as old as the car and due to the high heat in the engine bay, has usually deteriorated. With my car, when the car wouldn’t start, I eventually found out I could jiggle the harness to get it going. I replaced it with the harness available from Lindsey Racing I also bought the fuel injector harness at the same time and when checking that, it literally broke in my hand, so I was glad I had bought both. I highly recommend replacing the DME harness but doing the injector harness and others makes sense. One of the most common questions seen from new owners are related to “no start” issues

Other Things to consider

The DME is very old now, so can cause problems, and you can buy a solid state one from Focus 9 at a reasonable price.  You can also completely replace it with a more modern option called VEMS that is almost plug and play (just needs a map sensor fitted to intake) and also available in a stealth model, that will update the electronics to a much more modern reliable set up that is unlimited in what can be done, from running different fuel like E85, to larger fuel injectors, or upgrading to a newer turbo. It is fully tuneable and has a very handy auto tune function that will tune the car as you drive, so no need for expensive dyno time, although you can get even more out of it with a god tuner and a dyno. It is available here VEMS

VEMS can be accessed via a laptop with blue tooth and gives full control over the ignition system and is a fully fledged stand alone engine management system although it plugs into the factory harness, so is much cheaper than going for a complete stand alone, that would require expert installation, tuning, and basically a new harness to be custom built.

A complete new complete engine harness is also available form Kroon that is better than what we got from the factory.


Making Her Nicer

I fitted these really nice door sill trims to mine. Search for Frank Zappa on Facebook in Porsche 944 no spam group, or Premier 944 Turbo group.

I highly recommend joining both groups as lots of great people in the community with a wealth of knowledge who are incredibly generous sharing that knowledge

Websites You Should join/Visit and Bookmark

Clarks Garage the #1 website for 944 owners help.  Most of us have read it cover to cover

Rennlist The site most of us started on and well worth joining

Pelican Forum Another site that is helpful. Not as big as Rennlist but still a good resource


Porsche 944 No Spam: with 1000’s of members there are lots of helpful members with truckloads of knowledge

Premier 944 Turbo Community: The group to join if you own a Turbo. The elite brains trust of the Turbo community are here

Porsche 944 Outlaws: Not a group for purists. These guys are into modifying them with V8s,V6’s, inline 5’s and all sorts of things.

Porsche 924/944/968 Race Cars: A group for those tracking their cars

Porsche Parts Group 944 951 968: A group to buy and sell Porsche parts for our cars

These are probably the most active but there are usually local groups too, so worth searching and seeing if any active groups in your area. Might come in handy if you need someone to help you with work on the car or to swap out parts if trying to diagnose a fault. I have never been involved with any car community that is like the 944 community. I have had people ship me things for free, from the USA to my little island in the Pacific(Australia). Had local guys drive across town to help me, and met and gained life long friends across the world through these amazing cars.






IPTV on a SONY Bravia KDL46HX820 January 12, 2012

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IPTV on a SONY Bravia KDL46HX820

Normally I go out and buy the stuff I review here, but this review is a little different. This time, the good people at Sony were incredibly generous, and loaned me a TV for a few weeks, to review the IPTV functionality (if I decided wanted too). The review is meant to be just about IPTV butI have to let you know about the TV too, as it was a fantastic piece of technology.


I am guessing most people are thinking to themselves *what the heck is IPTV when it’s at home ?*  IPTV is just TV or Video content, that arrives via an internet stream, rather than over the air, like traditional *free to air* that we have had for years, arriving via an antenna on our roofs.

One thing that separates SONY’s IPTV from many other IPTV offerings from other brands, is the depth  of the content. Many brands of TV have IPTV functionality, but when you dig below the funky interface, there is little content. That’s a bit like having a great audio system but not having any music.

It’s very clear Sony have gone to  a lot of trouble to not only provide first rate IPTV functionality, but also to secure a lot of content. When I reviewed the TV I had access to well over 20 channels of IPTV content, and that list is growing all the time, with SONY planning to add more and more channels over time.

One of the great uses of IPTV is to provide catch up TV services(this is when a TV station makes programs that have already been aired, available to be streamed via the internet). I made use of these several times. When faced with typical Melbourne bad weather day, instead of being stuck with just Daytime TV to watch, I was able to stream some great Documentary’s, I had missed when they were broadcast on free to air TV in the weeks prior.

Now these same catch up TV services are often available directly on your computer, but SONY has done deals with the TV channels to get a higher quality streams, from different servers, that look great even on a massive 46″ TV, like SONY had loaned to me. These same services, when watched a on a small laptop screen, can often only be viewed in a small 3″ window, as going full screen can make them unwatchable.

SONY also has IPTV channels for everything from dining, travel, fashion, movie previews, to how to channels and even a wiggles channel for the kids. Some of these have a lot of content while some are a bit thin, but no doubt these will be added too, over time.

SONY also has what’s known as Video on demand services too. So when you want to watch a movie, instead of jumping in the car and heading to the video store, you simply select it from the screen(you can even preview it), and watch it in HD(high definition) or SD(standard definition). The HD movies are perfect but an SD movie I watch had  a little noise. It wasn’t a problem, and was perfectly watchable, but IMO it is worth paying the extra for the HD version.


Well the first thing I have to say about this TV is WOW! This 200Hz LED/LCD TV has a stunning picture. The colours are incredibly faithful with really deep blacks and fantastic contrast. This TV uses SONY’s Opti-contrast LCD panel, and it is the one used in all their high end TV’s, and it is a clear step up from their entry level TV’s.

The TV has built in wi-fi, which is really handy for most people, to access not only IPTV content but also to the pictures, and video’s on you PC’s, on the same network. The technology behind this is called DLNA. DLNA is just a way for lots of devices to be able to share media across a network. These can be everything from TV’s, PC’s, audio systems, to HDD’s or mobile phones.

The TV is a 200Hz model, and although I am not convinced anyone can see any difference over 100Hz (unless you use a test disc), it certainly can’t do any harm. The TV is also 3D, and although many people aren’t that excited by 3D, the fact movie makers like Scorsese and Speilberg are now making 3D movies, suggests to me, it is here to stay. The TV even comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses.

If you are after a great TV then the HX820 is hard to go past, just in picture quality alone. The IPTV in this and most SONY TV’s is just icing on the cake, and really does give you a few more options of content to watch. IPTV clearly isn’t designed to replace free to air or cable TV but is a great adjunct to the services we already have, and well worth the effort SONY has clearly put into making it a success.

I could go into the technical features of the TV like local dimming etc but the great thing about this TV, is that you just need to look at the picture to see how good it really is. You don’t need to be an expert.

Oakley Jupiter MotoGP Special Edition May 9, 2011

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Oakley Jupiter MotoGP Special Edition

Oakley MotoGP Jupiter Sunglasses are listed on the Oakley AOakley MotoGP Sunglassesustralia site as coming soon but when I clicked the  Add to Cart button, I went straight to the checkout, and sure enough the awesome sunglasses arrived a few days later. These are available from amazon Click here
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Cool New Oakley Jupiter Sunglasses April 18, 2011

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Cool New Oakley Jupiter Sunglasses

I just picked up a pair of Oakley Jupiter Iridium Sunglasses with clear frames and Violet Iridium lenses. These are wicked cool sunnies. I got mine from the OPSM  outlet in Rundle Mall Adelaide. My RACV road side assistance

Oakley Jupiter Iridium Sunglasses

Oakley Jupiter Iridium Sunglasses

membership scored me 20% off. Win!
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Super Cool Feit Superclean Elk Shoes April 4, 2011

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Super Cool Feit Superclean Elk Shoes

Superclean Elk Blue

I was so happy and so impressed with my first pair of FEIT shoes(Moc Mid Black), that when I saw these super cool shoes at FEIT’s online store, I decided a second pair would be nice. These Supercleans came in a wide range of colours, and all the colours looked great, but I decided on the blue. Life is too short not to own a pair of blue suede shoes at least once.

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Alpine INA-W900 February 21, 2011

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Alpine INA-W900

The Alpine INA-W900 Head Unit(HU), is more than just a car audio system. It brings together in one unit, Satellite Navigation, CD/DVD player, AM/FM radio, iPhone/usb player, Bluetooth hands free kit, and it does it better than any HU I have ever used before. I have had a few devices that are meant to be used with the iPhone but none that have worked as well as this HU.

I have run the iPhone connection cable into my centre console, so its really easy to get to when I am in and out of the car. The phone is also paired via bluetooth, so even if I haven’t connected the iPhone, and still have it in my pocket, I am still able to use the HU for calls.

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1986 PORSCHE 944 TURBO January 23, 2011

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I have either done the best thing I have ever done, or the dumbest, and only time will tell.

Car pic

My pride and joy

I have purchased a new(old) Porsche. I had been planning to buy another type of vehicle for sometime, but one day some one parked a red 944 outside my house. I had always loved the look of these classic vehicles and decided to see what they were selling for these days. Well one thing led to another and I now own a very shiny red Porsche 944 turbo. Mine is an Australian delivered model, one of only 110 sold here over 2 years(we never got the 87 model). Mine was originally bought in 1987 and so although registered as an 87 it is an 86 spec car. The internal Porsche designation  for 944 turbo’s  is a 951 but right hand drive versions like mine, are actually a 952.
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SONY DSC-HX5V Compact Camera December 8, 2010

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SONY DSC-HX5V Compact Camera

I got this marvel of photography just before my trip to the World Cup in South Africa, and it was the perfect travel camera. The quality of the images are just superb.



That’s not surprising as Sony DSC-HX5V features Sony’s largest Exmor-R sensor in a compact camera. The Exmor-R sensor has the circuitry on the back of the sensor, which allows the sensor to receive 30% more light, compared a standard sensor with circuitry  on the front, as used in other brands of cameras.
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KewlHunter.com cracks 1000 visits a month December 2, 2010

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KewlHunter.com cracks 1000 visits

When I first started this humble Blog, I was stoked to get 40 vistors in its first month. I couldn’t believe that more than one person a day was reading my posts. Last month I had over a 1000 visits, so I thought I should celebrate this minor milestone with a short post :). I guess I am not the only one who is into cool stuff. I still have a million things I want to write about, so I will keep you all updated, as I go.

I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to visit my site and read my posts, and I hope that you continue to come back, and stay abreast of all that is cool in the world. I never expected to see the growth in this site, that I have, and that is all down to you, my readers. Again thank you

If you have ideas for an article or need any extra information about anything I write about, please don’t hesitate in contacting me, and you can also add me on twitter and face book to  keep updated with my latest posts, and don’t forget to tell all your friends about my little blog


The Kewl Hunter

Monster Jamz In Ear Headphones November 22, 2010

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Monster Jamz In Ear Headphones

I was fortunate enough to win these in a competition and although initially I was a little disappointed,  as competition was for some Dr Dre headphones, and thats what I thought I had won. These Monster Jamz Headphones are what I had actually won. Once I got over my sadness of not owning the Dre’s (I have heard only good things about), I had a look at what I had in my hot little hands.

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