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Happy in my Hoody October 6, 2009

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Bliss N Eso Hoody

God bless(not bliss) Australia Post for delivering my new Bliss n Eso  Hoody. Its white and IMO very right. OK back to how I have this. I ordered a BnE hoody a few months ago and unlucky for me they had sold out, so they gave me a credit. I have waited several months for the new range but finally they released the new stuff. I placed order on friday and 7:30am Monday I have Oz post ringing the crap out of my doorbell. Normally that’s cool but had a late start and was hoping for sleep in. read full article here

Windows 7 October 5, 2009

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Let me start off by saying I am not a Vista hater. I sell computers and went into Vista wit an open mind. I liked it straight away and didn’t find the UAC prompts that bad. This (UAC) issue is probably the only gripe that people had that was valid(apart from software bloat), and to those people I suggest they harden up and that they should have a good hard look in the mirror, because there are far more serious issues in the world they could take issue with. I have had to listen to soooooo many ill-informed customers winge about Vista, and all of them, when questioned further about their grevience with Vista, didn’t really have one, and where just bandwagoning. read full article here