Happy in my Hoody

Bliss N Eso Hoody

God bless(not bliss) Australia Post for delivering my new Bliss n Eso  Hoody. Its white and IMO very right. OK back to how I have this. I ordered a BnE hoody a few months ago and unlucky for me they had sold out, so they gave me a credit. I have waited several months for the new range but finally they released the new stuff. I placed order on friday and 7:30am Monday I have Oz post ringing the crap out of my doorbell. Normally that’s cool but had a late start and was hoping for sleep in. Happy in my hoody hoody

The hoody comes with a CD single that is a remix of *happy in my Hoody* by 360 n Pegz. The original rocks and I can’t comment on the remix as am yet to hear it, but I have a PegZ hoody from Obese and am happy to assume the remix will rock. I will post if it sucks but otherwise you can assume its the Biz.

OK so now you know I have a new Hoody but seriously is it any good ????

and the answer is HELL YES !!! Its a white Hoody with the *happy in my hoody* art work on front, but also has *Bliss N Eso* on the back. It also hasa BnE logo at the bottom back and a little *Bliss n Eso 28* loop on the bottom elastic. When I opened it up I saw holes in the cuffs and I was ,like *what the??* and then it dawned on me they where for your thumbs when it got cold. Its also handy when you put on a jacket, to make sure your sleaves don’t get caught half way up.

So HELL YES I am Happy In My Hoody :)…. life’s good 🙂

My Hoody
The Actual Hoody

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4 thoughts on “Happy in my Hoody

  1. Hi there!
    I was just wondering where I can find one of these hoodies to buy?? I have tried multiple online and inner city stores but yet to come across.
    If you do have any info please forward it to taliagrieco0401@hotmail.com
    Any chance you are willing to sell yours even haha??
    Many thanks!

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