Moon Landings not Faked!!!

Moon Landings not Faked!!!

As someone who was around when man first landed on the Moon, I have always been annoyed by claims it was faked. At the time we went out side at night and watched the space craft fly across the night sky, just as NASA told us it would. As we had far less light pollution then it was easy to see the moving satellite in the night sky and I always wondered how NASA could have put a satellite into orbit, then made it disappear and then reappear(just like it had gone to the Moon and back). Turns out they didn’t, they just sent men to the Moon instead. Faking may have been cheaper but much harder to co-ordinate IMO.

Well like most things eventually the truth is born out and NASA’s latest Moon mapping mission named the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has already sent back images clearly showing the evidence of the past Apollo missions. This mission is not only mapping the surface, which will give us a proper 3D topology of the moon but also finding future landing sights and looking for water.

Although the Moon landing skeptics are clearly among the minority, its something that has always annoyed me, as I know what I saw, and have never thought for a moment that it was faked. Sure those same nay sayers will now say this is being faked too, it will be that much harder for them to find anyone to even remotely take them seriously. The evidence is clear and irrefutable.

Anyway that’s one conspiracy theory put to bed, which is always kewl


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