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Navdy Automotive Heads Up Display September 8, 2014

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Navdy Automotive Heads Up Display

This amazing bit of technology (the Navdy) looks like it really is bringing the future to our cars. The device allows you to do all sorts of things like texting, tweeting, make calls, see who is calling you, navigate, and much more, all while keeping your eyes on the road ahead. Pilots have been using this technology for years to make flying safer, and now it is coming to your car.

The Navdy is a very clever device displays all sorts of information from your Android or Apple phone. It allows you to talk to it and use gestures to control it and will have a range of apps it can work with, all designed for use while driving. Because the display projects an image that looks like it is 2 mteres in front of you, that means you don’t have to adjust your focus to veiw it.

The Navdy is going to be a much safer way to do many of these tasks while driving, and is major technological advancement compared to the basic Heads Up Displays (HUDs) currently on the market, that are either designed as speed displays or for Navigation. The added functionality and gesture control take this technology to the next level


The Navdy is available for pre-order at a significant saving over the normal price that people wil once it is released. You can pre-order by clicking here but don’t hesitate as this cheaper price is for a limited time.

Make sure you check out the video, even if you are not buying as it’s worth watching anyway




Happy in my Hoody October 6, 2009

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Bliss N Eso Hoody

God bless(not bliss) Australia Post for delivering my new Bliss n Eso  Hoody. Its white and IMO very right. OK back to how I have this. I ordered a BnE hoody a few months ago and unlucky for me they had sold out, so they gave me a credit. I have waited several months for the new range but finally they released the new stuff. I placed order on friday and 7:30am Monday I have Oz post ringing the crap out of my doorbell. Normally that’s cool but had a late start and was hoping for sleep in. read full article here

Macify your Windows PC May 25, 2009

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RocketDock Application

In my cyberspace travels I came across this cool MAC type dock(the bit where you access your programs and stuff, at the bottom of an Apple Mac) for windows based computers. read full article here