Macify your Windows PC

RocketDock Application

In my cyberspace travels I came across this cool MAC type dock(the bit where you access your programs and stuff, at the bottom of an Apple Mac) for windows based computers.

I have always loved the dock Apple Macs have and although I sell Macs and would love one,  I still haven’t got one. This little application means I can enjoy the same feature on my Windows XP  netbook(works on Vista too). Its called RocketDock and its made by Punk Software also known as Punk Labs.

I installed it yesterday and its really esay to use. You simply drag the applications you want onto Dock, and jobs done. It has more advanced settings, so you can adjust it to your liking.  I have spent many hours udpdating the icons(which you get at the site), for various applications, for a V cool look. The dock behaves just like the Mac version including the groovy bounce when you launch an app.

I think its a V handy application and rate it 8.5 out of 10

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I love gadgets and technology and will post about what I have and why I like it or dislike it

2 thoughts on “Macify your Windows PC

  1. i been using Rocket Dock for years, absolutly love it! dont have much use for it at home anymore with Win7 but stilll use it all day every day at work on my Vista machine..

    But if you really want a real apple dock, you can always go the Hackintosh.

    1. Yeah thats a fair call about W7, as on one net book I am using w7 I haven’t added rocket dock but on my XP netbook I find rocket dock essential

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