Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

I have had this mouse for over a year now. Its an awesome mouse, and is as claimed the worlds most advanced, mainly because of the scroll wheel it has. If you click the wheel, it *free wheels* or spins. This great on the net, or in spread sheets, large documents etc, as it allows you to quickly get to the bottom of page. I couldn’t go back to a mouse that didn’t have this feature. Logitech call this feature *Hyper fast scrolling*. The wheel can also be tilted sideways to scroll left or right across a page or document.

MX Revolution Mouse
MX Revolution Mouse

The Mouse features a Lithium-Ion battery and a docking station, for recharging. I dont spend all day on my PC so I get weeks between charges, which is great. The docking station works great, as the mouse makes contact  with charging contacts, without having to jiggle it (like I do with my Harmony remote).

The mouse has a button that allows you to select Google (or any search engine you set), just below the wheel. Its handy but I still instinctively click on text box in my browser(firefox or chrome), most of the time. I tend to use it when creating a text document and am not in a browser.

The side mounted thumb wheel allows you to swap between apps, and again is handy but not something I use that often.  Above this are forwards and back buttons. The back button gets a fair workout on the net, to skip back a page, but I rarely use the forward button.

The main left and right click buttons are great, with a nice click feel. Overall the mouse is very comfortable to use and does save some time over a standard mouse. I imagine if I was full time keyboard jockey(power user), it would prove invaluable.

This product is also fully Apple Mac compatible, and all functions work on Apple Macs

I rate this product 8 out of 10


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One thought on “Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

  1. i have had my MX-r for about 8 months now, i do love it and the wheel free-spinning makes life better.
    But i have also found that it doesn’t spin as far or fast anymore, over time it has clogged up but there is no easy way of dissasembeling it to clean it.

    Also i have setup my buttons so they do different things in different programs. The side wheel/button no longer changes to different program and the search button has been changed too!
    pretty much turned 4 buttons that i would never used into some very handy and much used buttons.

    Oh, and to add the software is rather glitchy too for setting up the buttons, but it’s not to painful.

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