Siemens Gigaset C470 ip VOIP phone set up

I have just plugged in a brand new Siemens Gigaset C470 voip handset and am writing this as I set it up. My first point of call is to see what the best way to go is. Whirlpool is an Aussie site that was initially created when bigpond (telstra) was the only broadband service provider in australia, to let the techies stir them up (create a whirlpool in the bigpond). Its now an extremely valuable resource for all things isp related, including voip, and I highly recommend the site.

Siemens Gigaset C470 IP

I found a link for VOIP providers in Australia which is great but has about 275 voip providers. I am off to check the forums at whirlpool and see if I can filter that down a little.

I decided to actually look at instruction manual, and have now updated firmware and registered a user name on

I have also set weather info to display on phones screen. To do this you need to get your phones IP address. You briefly press the page(main) button on base station, and then your phones IP address is displayed on phone. Turn on your web browser(firefox for me) and type in http://192.168.xx.xx using the address you have displayed on phone.

This brings up web configurator. Here you can get your gigaset user name and password. now armed with this, you log in at and set weather service or horoscopes or Ebay watch, etc. You also need to turn on info services in settings>services in the configurater. The phone clock display needs to be activated to.

I found a V handy thread about this product at Whirlpool

I have just signed up with MyNetFone as my VSP. As a Whirlpool member, I could get a discount plan via a link there. I chose this plan because of no monthly fees and the call rate to Thailand, as that’s where my Ex-pat brother lives. As this is main purpose for the VOIP phone the call rate of 2.9c per minute, and no ongoing monthly fees, swayed me to them.

I have now received my account info from MyNetFone. I tried to get it working but no joy. As its new years day their office was closed, so I couldn’t get in touch with tech support.  I then headed to whirlpool, did a quick search and got the info I needed but even armed with this, my voip phone still wasn’t registering.  Something I read at whirlpool made me think maybe my router was blocking the port needed by my voip phone. I tweaked some settings and I now have a working voip phone.

I just recieved my first phone bill, and after a quick test call to my brother in thailand (7 minutes) and a couple of calls to my mobile, the grand total was $0.22…..thats 22 cents OMG I was V happy about this to say the least

I had an issue with echo but after some more research at whirlpool I hope I may have resolved this. I need to make a test call to see if my adjustments have made a difference.

to be continued….

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4 thoughts on “Siemens Gigaset C470 ip VOIP phone set up

  1. I found the builtin RSS support of the phone quite useless – it only displays the first entry of a feed with no possible interaction. I created a small script that selects random quotes from the fortune cookie database of my system and serves them as an RSS feed.
    It will also only deliver quotes with a suitable length, if you are interested, give it a try:

    1. Yes I agree. I don’t use rss feeds, so have mine set for weather, which displays today’s and tomorrow’s weather, which includes max and min temps and general conditions. I find this is actually quite handy. Hopefully over time they will come up with other more useful apps

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