Hiding a boost controller in plain sight

My mission was to mount a boost controller as subtly as possible.

I decided on using a turbosmart e-boost street as it’s a compact unit, has 2 boost settings and can be switched between those settings with an external switch, and it’s red LED display would shine through smoked plexiglass.

First step was to remove front of eboost street. The panel is held on by the 2 small Allen bolts but the rotary controller was permanently mounted through a small whole meaning front cover was captured by it. So to take panel off required some delicate work with a cutting wheel on a dremel.

I then marked out on the Plexi where it needed to be mounted and where the rotary controller and display were and holes for Allen bolts. I then drilled the holes. I had to buy some special hole saws for the Plexi as it’s very easy to crack and ruin the piece. The hole saws worked perfectly and I was able to check fit it

The Plexiglass was then sprayed with black paint on rear except for the area of the display.

Once the unit is mounted the panel looks completely black and blank, but the display shines through the dark tint when working.

A single din trim panel with clips on the back, to hold it in place, was cut so e-boost controller would fit through it. I then used high strength double sided tape to secure the Plexi to it. It’s the same 3m tape used to hold trim pieces into the outside of cars.

I had to file edges to get a good fit into the console. I then decided to add a Porsche sticker in white to it and it was ready to fit

The final result below turned out great and I’m really happy with it

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