Adding colour fill to shift button shift pattern

I bought a used alcantara shift boot a while ago that had the shift pattern in red and always liked it. After trying various shift boots over the last 10 years and never being really happy with how long they lasted, I decided to bite the bullet and pay for a genuine Porsche shift boot.Continue reading “Adding colour fill to shift button shift pattern”

944 HVAC fan only working on 4(max)? How to fix

Thankfully this is an easy fix. The resistor pack gets crud built up on it from being in engine bay, exposed to the elements. First step is to remove the rubber strip that hold front of cowl over heater blower fans Once that’s off cowl lifts up at from and you can access resistor packContinue reading “944 HVAC fan only working on 4(max)? How to fix”

Hiding a boost controller in plain sight

My mission was to mount a boost controller as subtly as possible. I decided on using a turbosmart e-boost street as it’s a compact unit, has 2 boost settings and can be switched between those settings with an external switch, and it’s red LED display would shine through smoked plexiglass. First step was to removeContinue reading “Hiding a boost controller in plain sight”

Building speaker pods for ribbon supertweeters

To make these I started with a new product I read about called Apoxie Sculpt. It’s a 2 part epoxy used for sculpting and making prototypes. You mix part A and B in equal measure and begin sculpting. It sets within 24 hours but you can scuplt it for several hours, so super easy toContinue reading “Building speaker pods for ribbon supertweeters”