Oakley Jupiter MotoGP Special Edition

Oakley Jupiter MotoGP Special Edition

Oakley MotoGP Jupiter Sunglasses are listed on the Oakley AOakley MotoGP Sunglassesustralia site as coming soon but when I clicked the  Add to Cart button, I went straight to the checkout, and sure enough the awesome sunglasses arrived a few days later. These are available from amazon Click here

The Oakley MotoGP Jupiterspecial edition glasses are worn


by the 2004 125cc World Champion, and now MotoGP rider Andrea”Divo” Dovizioso, and feature his Prepsol team’s colour of orange, and the fire Iridium lenses are a nod to the  firestorm, that is MotoGP.

These Oakley MotoGP Jupiter sunglasses feature a crystal black frame, that although they look black, is actually translucent.

The fire irdium lense are optimised to enhance contrast in bright sunny conditions, making these glasses ideal for driving in summer. Oakley state the view through these sunglasses is a “smooth violet gray” but I haven’t noticed any violet. They seem to have great colour accuracy, and certainly don ‘t effect red or green, again a big plus for driving.

If you are looking for some sunglasses, that are ideal for bright conditions, with depth perception, that the contrast of these provides, then the super stylish special edition Oakley MotoGP Jupiter sunglasses may be just what the doctor ordered.

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