The Coolest Watch (STORM CIRCUIT Mk II)

Circuit Mk II Watch
Circuit Mk II Watch

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I Just picked up this unusual and V cool watch. Possibly the coolest watch ever made. Actually there is no possibly about it, it is the coolest watch ever made.

I saw it in a magazine, then checked the interweb, and found it online @ .  I contacted the London based company to find out if they had any outlets Down Under, and they responded straight away that they did, directing me to there *concept* store.

I originally planned on making the trek over to the shop(quite a trek actually, as its on other side of the city), but before I left and was checking address details, I decided to quickly visit the Aussie site . I then found an outlet only 10 minutes away that although not a *concept* store, was obviously, a lot closer. A quick call to check on stock and I was soon the V proud owner.

The radical thing about this watch is how it displays time and its unique style. It has two vertical columns. The left column gives you the Hour(or month in Date mode) by lighting up red LEDS, to represent the hour, which is straight forward enough, ie: 10 lit, its 10 o’clock. It also has an A.M. indicator, and a date mode indicator(yellow LED). The right column for the minutes(day in Date mode), is a liittle trickier. It has a first(top) group (of 5 red LEDs) that represents 10s of minutes, ie: 2 lit up =20 minutes, 5 lit up = 50 minutes. The single minutes are another group of 10 red LEDs below the 10s of minutes, and are added to the 10s to give the total minutes.

OK I hope that doesn’t sound to complicated, because in reality its V straight forward to understand, and only takes a little practice to see time at a glance. To view the time, you do have to press the upper button. The watch then scrolls all the LEDS and displays the time for about 5 seconds. another quick press gives you the month and date.

The lower button is used to set time. You press the upper button to display time and while its displaying you then press lower button. It then flashes Hours, which you adjust by pressing upper button. you press this repeatedly till desired hour and then press lower button to change to minutes, month day etc.

Anyway I have had this watch about 2 hours, and I couldn’t be happier. I am already thinking of buying another one in a different finish. This one is the mirror finish. I may end up buying the slate finish, for special occasions.

I purchased mine from the V helpful and courteous Tibor  @

Carlisle Accessories

147a Carlisle Street
St Kilda East, Victoria
Ph : (03) 9531 1965

I rate it 8 out of 10


Click here to buy from Amazon UK

***UPDATE***      ***UPDATE***   ***UPDATE***   ***UPDATE***

After owning this watch several weeks now I still absolutly love it. It is extremely cool but what I never expected was the polarising effect it would have and the strentgh of peoples reactions and the emotions it would evoke.

Obviously many people feel like me, that it is way cool, and I have had to point a few people towards Storm, so they too can become fellow proud owners, but I have had a very small number of people react very strongly(negatively) to the watch. This has varied from “you have to push a button…I prefer to just look at my watch” to “surely you can’t just look at it and know the time???”.

Anyway I am always amused by how people react, and its fun to see people get almost angry about it, like the  watch is threatening the space time continuum  😀

***UPDATE***   ***UPDATE***   ***UPDATE***   ***UPDATE***

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