The Second Coolest Watch


Well I just got another cool watch, and it is very cool, but it hasn’t overtaken my Storm Circuit MKII as the coolest watch. I have had my eye on this watch for some time and I finally decide to buy it.  I placed my order and then tracked the delivery online. 2 days later it was at local distribution centre. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive from there for another 3, which was what was promised, but as I live about 1 km from this centre, it was annoying knowing I was so close to it.

The watch is a Tokyoflash negative model.

Tokyo Flash Negative Watch
Tokyo Flash Negative Watch

The watch gains its name because its numbers/display are formed in the negative space. This does look V cool. The watch is also very practical, as in normal light it is still displaying time(always on LCD), and so can be read without having to press illumination button, unlike my storm watch. It also has day and date mode that displays *WED 20 MAY 09* which looks cool and is handy. It also has one off and daily alarm settings. It can display time either vertically or horizontally, and in 12 hour or 24 hour mode as well.

The display backlighting has several colours, and includes a hyper mode where when pressed the backlight goes crazy flashing from colour to colour, for about 5 or 6 seconds. As I am used to my Storm watch’s display( V bright LED), the Negative did seem a little dull by comparison. The fact I can change colours and display modes, means it will never get old.

I love the style of the watch and think it looks great, and its functionality makes it very practical. It will be my daily watch, from now on, but it doesn’t quite beat my Storm watch for the coolest watch title.


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