For the Person who almost has it all

On my travels through cyberspace I came across whats either the most decadent thing around or something quite cool, depending on your point of veiw. I think its cool but doubt I will ever be in a position to use this service.

What am I on about ? well what I found is a site called Computer Choppers They provide what maybe the ultimate in case mods for laptops. They coat your beloved Macbook, Iphone or Laptop in many beautiful finishes including 24K gold and anodised colours. Maybe one day I’ll get myself an Iphone and a macbook, and then get them tricked out by these guys but I’m thinking that day is along way off. If you already have too much money then maybe this service is for you. Hmmm maybe my humble ASUS  netbook needs some love 😉

Gold Macbook
Gold Macbook

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