Asus EEE PC 1000H

I am writing this from my latest gadget, an EEEPC. I have only had it for a couple of days and already love it. Why didn’t someone think of these ultra-handy devices sooner ?

Initial impressions are its a great unit. Love the battery life, am getting over 7 hours with it set to power saving. I havent felt the need to ramp up to higher performance yet as just been net surfing email, and updating so far.

The wireless N is V fast. I upgraded my home router at same time as I got this, using an Asus RT-N11. I have had this for a while, and was waiting till I got my next laptop before I planned to use it. I didn’t really plan on buying the EEE, but found out that this model (80GB) was no longer going to be sold in my market, and I wasn’t preparped to pay more for the 160GB model. So I bought the display unit from work.

I originally wanted the black model, but our black display unit was the victim of a failed theft attempt, andĀ  was scratched and had a broken screen. I actually prefer the white now, as it doesn’t show finger prints or scratches like the black one does.

Anyway, whenever you get a new puter make sure you set a restore point straight away, as if your like me it wont take long before you tweak a little too much and you will need it. I did lol

The keyboard on this is still a little cramped compared to a laptop at 92%(I think) but its perfectly functional and feeling better the more I use it.

As soon as I got it on the network and online, I mapped the optical drive on my desktop, so I could load any software I needed from discs. I also created a shared folder so I could grab anything I needed from desktop PC. This worked out well and saved me from buying an external DVD straight away, although I willl probably get one, down the track, for when I’m away from home network.


I have set instant keys(2 hotkeys) to adjust power setting and bring up firefox, but these can be used for whatever you need. The set up is V straight forward.

I have paired it with my Motorola Razor, so I can get online anyware, with out having to mess with one of those mobile broadband modem dongles, and there fore having to carry another bit a of gear with me.

The touchpad is large enough, unlike the Acer Aspire One, I considered, to be useful. It also supports gesture’s. The main one I have been using is to drag 2 fingers up or down to scroll on net pages and docs. V handy. It also has the pinch gesture, as used on Iphones, Itouchs and other apple products, which is cool.

I decided against the Acer Aspire one, because it only had 3 cell battery Vs 6 cell on Asus, and the one only had wireless *G*, not *N*. The difference in webcams wasn’t really an issue for me, but the EEE has a 1.3 MP Vs the one’s VGA.

Anyway, overall I am V happy with the EEE and think it will prove far handier than I initially thought it would.

I rate it 8.5 out of 10


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I love gadgets and technology and will post about what I have and why I like it or dislike it

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