M-Audio Firewire 410 external sound card

M Audio Firewire 410 sound card
M Audio Firewire 410 sound card

This is the sound card I use. Its probably better then I need, as I don’t utilize half the features it has. I bought it because it has great sound quality, is reputedly very high quality, and reliable. Its also flexible enough to handle the various signal types I might throw at it, and small enough to be portable if I need to collaborate with anyone, or maybe use it for performance if the need ever came up.

I had a little bit of fun when I first hooked it up, as I am a total newbie with this stuff. I couldn’t get any sound ironically. After a few hours of just messing with stuff, and having no clue, I eventually got lucky and got sound. I had to mess with the software mixer settings.

I have a Mic attached. Its a cheapo  Sony F-V420, but plenty good enough for my needs. Its connected via an xlr connection at the front.

I plug my guitar into the other analogue input using a 1/4inch phono connector. I run this though a Marshall mini stack, which is a V cool little busking/practice amp. I intend to add some more effects down the track.

Marshall MS4 mini stack
Marshall MS4 mini stack

I have my Denon DN-S3000 CDJ connected Digitally via coaxial to the sound card. I use this to sample and scratch from. I hope to get a proper turntable at some point, to get some good old vinyl scratching happening as the CD stuff doesn’t have same sound. I also run the analogue signal via my mixer, to tweak the EQ  if needed.

I use a fibre optic connection from my DVD payer into the 410,  so I can sample movie sound bites.

To monitor the sound I use a pair of Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones, or pump the sound through my near field monitor set up. This system consists of a pair Limited Edition Alpine DDD- M07S Limited speakers, a Dynaudio Audience SUB-20A subwoofer, driven by a Onkyo TX-SR500 AV Receiver. I love how this set up sounds V sweet.

Overall I am extremely happy with this sound card.

I rate this product 8.5 out of 10


2 x 8 24-bit/96kHz analog I/O; 192kHz stereo out
2 mic/line ins w/ preamps and phantom power
8 line outs to mixer or direct surround output
S/PDIF digital I/O w/ PCM, AC-3, and DTS support
1 x 1 MIDI I/O

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