The Absolute Coolest Driving Video Ever

OK that’s obviously a big call, but I am a huge fan of great driving clips, and have usually been disappointed with what others rate as great driving clips.

I’m not sure what its called, but there is an old clip of a guy driving, I think its a Ferrari, across Paris at 6 in the morning that’s very cool and is V real footage. Then there is Bullet (Steve McQueen} that is good, same with the original Italian Job, and even the remake of Gone in 60 seconds had its moments, but Ronin has been one of the best I had seen till now

Now this clip isn’t taken from a movie, but it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Its called *Ken Block’s Gymkhana Practice*


This clip features Ken Block displaying some of the most amazing driving skills I have ever seen. Sure you can pick at the clip, as I noticed a couple of *edits*, but what he does is just sensational. The drift around the house is nuts, the one around the orange bollard(at the 3 minute mark) is as perfect a move, as I have ever seen.

The flat out slide into the hanger, at serious pace, is amazingly¬† cool, as is the spin and exit from the hangar. The high speed power slides are completely balls out stuff. OK the spin around the segway shows skill, but the guy on it, is the one with the big kahuna’s lol.

Anyway just had to share this one. Hope you enjoy

Ken Blocks site is here


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