Belkin UPS F6S600auUSB

I got this UPS(Uninterruptable Power Supply)/surge protection power a few weeks before I got my new laptop. I had been using a good quality surge protection board with my old laptop, but decided I should upgrade to this unit with the new laptop, due to its expense and my lack of ability to easily replace it if it got damaged.

This one of those devices, that like insurance, you never really know how good it is until disaster strikes.

I know it works (well that it’s turned on) but apart from that their not much to say about it. I did have to download the software, as although it stated Vista compatible on the box, the supplied software was XP only. This was a little annoying and then made more so, by the software being buried a little deeper in Belkins website than it should have been.

The unit does come with a $aus50,000 connected equipment warranty that does include data recovery(which can be extremely expensive), so I figure its good insurance, but hope I never have to claim.

UPS are a must have in my opinion (like an external HDD backup) but one that most ppl don’t consider. They aren’t cool and it is another expense, but I personally feel that some computer related glitches are possibly caused due to lack of power filtering, and some data is priceless. The computer itself is just a machine and can be replaced but data is another story.

I can’t rate this product but I can recommend it or  any decent UPS


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