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Playstation 3

PlayStation 3 120 GB

Well after much contemplation I finally got myself a PlayStation 3. I had been tossing up between it and an Xbox 360, and finally decided the PlayStation 3 was better suited to my needs. The built in Blu-ray player was a bonus, and for my needs really just for the advantages it brings gaming(larger capacity equaling bigger more detailed games), not as a movie player. I’m not sold on the push to HD(high definition) as I have an awesome Standard definition widescreen TV(a german Loewe) that I plan to have for many more years, and I don’t see a major difference between excellent SD and average HD. I can’t afford good HD and even then, its a subtle improvement at best.

Setting up the unit was pretty straight forward, but slower than I would have liked mainly because I had used my imternet quota and had been throttled back 😦  The wireless set up went without a hitch although I’m not sure why SONY think you need to hide your WEP key as you enter it. As mine is about 24 ish keys long I had to try about 3 times before I got it all in. As you enter each digit it is automatically converted to a * symbol making it impossible to tell what you just entered. After that was sucessfully entered I was on the net and it downloaded latest firmware.

I then set up a SONY PlayStation 3 account by registering a user name and had a quick poke around the SONY PS3 online portal. I didn’t hang around too long as I saw a few new games Id like and didn’t want to be tempted, but it something I will look into futher down the track.

Now I decided to get playing and loaded up MotorStorm 2. It needed an update so I had to wait while this down loaded. Finally after a couple of hours I was ready to play. I have played the original MotorStorm when the PlayStation 3 came out and didn’t really notice any difference, which was cool because it was already a great fun game. Not the serious race simulation I normally play, but a great arcade type of game. Needless to say I lost all track of time and only stopped playing 4 hours later when I reliased how hungry I was.

I bought the Playstation 3 Kill Zone 2 value pack, that comes with the game included. After talking with the games guy at work and finding out that Kill Zone 2 was a great game, it made more sense to buy this pack than get just the unit and buy other games seperately. I have only played the game once, and again it required a large download before I could play it, but it was worth the wait. If you like first person shooters, its great although very violent. I am still getting used to the contorller but have found its pretty intuitive to use. This game will take a little longer to get the hang of the controller with, than it did with motorstorm.

I have loaded a couple of CDs on to unit, and am hoping I can have them playing in games but haven’t tried that feature out yet. Loading the music on was painless, and I stored it in SONY’s ATRAC3 format as I have this on my SONY walkman player and find the sound quality is better than MP3, although it supports MP3 and other formats too, if they are what you prefer.

All up I’m reall happy with the PlayStation 3 and am wondering why it took me this long to get one. I just  need to get myself a few more games, a decent steering wheel, and I’ll be set.

I rate this product 9 out of 10

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