Cool New Hoods Hoodie

Hilltop Hoods State of the Art Hoodie

Yesterday I got my brand new Hilltop Hoods hoodie. Its the brand new one for their new CD *State of the Art*. Whats really cool about this that its not up for sale yet, so apart from band and their entourage, I’m the first to have one. Thats V cool !!!

HTH Hoodie
HTH Hoodie

Hilltop Hoods are Australia’s #1 hip hop act. This hoodie is for their 4th CD State of the Art . Previously they were signed to Obese Records, for their first 3 CDs, but now they have their own label called Golden Era Records . You can buy this Hoodie there soon, but they have others too. I am hoping to get my Golden Era hoodie tomorrow. You can also buy other stuff like their DC Shoes Remix shoes. I have a pair already, but am undecided about wearing them as I can’t get another pair in my size. I might even buy another pair to keep as a collecters item, just so I don’t feel bad wearing the ones I have.

You can also get their CD and latest single at site, or they have them for free download too. If you haven’t heard them, give them a listen, and if you’re like me, and love them, show your love by supporting them and buying some merchandise clicky here to see their site.


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2 thoughts on “Cool New Hoods Hoodie

  1. I would love that hoodie! I am a big fan and got State of The Art as soon as it came out but am taking it slow- listening to one track for a fortnight til I get through the whole album. I went overboard with Hard Road and Hard Road restrung for two years straight so I want to be able to appreciate this album better. Hilltop Hoods are a great group and it’s good to see them on top 😀

    1. yeah I love the new hoodie heaps. I got into HTH with The Calling CD, then got Left Foot Right Foot. Played them both constantly till Hard road came out, then thrashed that, playing it all the time. I am loving State of the art, and although I want to play chase that feeling a lot, I am just playing CD from start to finish each time. HTH rock 😀

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