Online surveys-waste of time or not ?


I broke my leg about 4 months ago(march 09) and couldn’t work, and thought I may as well try and make some walking around money doing online surveys. I googled the subject and got started. Little did I know how easy it was to waste my time, which wasn’t a problem as I had plenty of time on my hands but that a lot of these sites only offer entry into a lottery (like Toluna), which wasn’t  going to help me make any money unless I got lucky but is OK if you like doing surveys, which I have found I do.

Some sites have been worthwhile as I have got my self some gift vouchers and even money in my pay pal account. I now do a couple of surveys most days, but have realised its worth sorting the good from the bad. None of these sites will make you serious coin but I figure I can make something and can have my say about what I like and dislike at same time, then its all good.

Anyway this site click here seems good so far. It has links to other offers like lightspeed which is also one of the better ones I have found. I plan to cancel some of the other sites I have joined once I am working again as I don’t want to waste my time. I have just joined this new site and although I just click links in the daily emails, and the odd survey, I am getting good returns, and it also has a good referral system  click here

I guess whether these sites are a waste of time or not is up to your own sense of what your time is worth, but for me, I have found a couple that I think offer a fair reward and many more that aren’t worth it,

My advice is too stay away from ones that just offer entry into prize draws, and go for the sites that actually pay you. I will put links below of the good ones IMO but be careful as I have found some that have what are IMO scam offers, that try and con you into joining dodgy mobile phone subscriptions. These offers are best avoided, and you still need to keep your wits about you when offers seem to good to be true.

I am just relaying my experiences here and not endorsing any of these sites and can’t stress enough that doing these surveys can be a complete waste of your time, as I know I have wasted plenty of mine, if its just for prize draws.

I am in Australia, so these sites maybe of no use from other places in the world.

Surveys Downline has links to some other sites as well, and good referral program but also has links to some dodgy sites(IMO)

Fatcatrewards good referral program, some good surveys/offers, some dodgy links too IMO

Lightspeed Panel is great

Valued Opions has prize draws but does pay you too

Marketview is great

Global test market is great

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