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At the moment there are not a lot of cool programs on TV so I thought I would list some of the programs that deserve a cool rating. Now some of these are brand new, at least down under and so I may not give them the same rating down the track.

Top of the list has to go to Dextar. If you tried to tell me a show about a serial killer could be cool, I just wouldn’t have believed it, as I have found anything about serial killers, in the past highly repugnant.  Dextar changed my mind, as although that’s(serial killing) obviously what it’s about, its actually the characters in the story, that carry it, and the killing seems almost incidental to the story.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Spooks. This BBC drama is highly engaging and although they don’t kill off the cast as much as they used too. This made it compelling viewing, as you never new which way the plot would turn, and unlike most shows, you never assumed the hero would be back next week. The combination of semi-believable scenarios, high tech environment, and advanced spycraft techniques has me hooked. All the characters are also V cool.

Heros is another cool show but you can now tell its made by same people as Lost, as the plot now seems to be getting lost. I  still watch but it has dropped from must see TV to meh, may watch TV.

Flash forward seems to hold some promise and the premise its built on is V intriguing. I hope it stays kewl, but its early days yet. I really like the potential it has, and have no reason to think it won’t turn out to be worth a cool rating but I thought that about Lie to me and the novelty of that only lasted a few episodes.

Top Gear is still cool, as any show that absolutely thrashes the pants off the finest cars on the planet has to be, but the fact it doesn’t take itself too seriously, has got to be cool. That they will bag cars out, that don’t deliver, also adds cool factor, although I tend to think Jeremy often gets the cool wall wrong more often than right(maybe he should give me call 😉 ).

30 Rock, Family Guy, and American Dad are the coolest comedies, at the moment, on our TV anyway. The 2 animated comedies have the edge the Simpson’s lost a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Simpson’s it’s just these 2 shows are pushing the boundaries more. 30 Rock is just fresh compared to most US sitcoms.


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