Some Very Cool New Kicks (FEIT)


Sometimes in life you come across something that is just a little bit special. You might nsot be sure how you found it, or why it entered your life, but you know without doubt that your life is that little bit better, now you have found it.  For me finding a small Australian Shoe company FEIT was just such an occasion.

My MOC MID Black FEIT Sneaker

FEIT do things a little differently to other shoe companies, and that is reflected in the products they produce. Rather than making cheap mass produced shoes like so many other companies, FEIT source the finest materials, and then hand make shoes using traditional, labour intensive methods, to produce quality products in very limited numbers.

Tull and Josh Price have created a company with a vision. After  reading about their vision and how they go about things, I decided to invest some of my hard earned, and make a purchase, and find out for myself just how well their vision comes to fruition in their final product. I was not disappointed, so much so that I  have now pre-ordered anotherpair of shoes from them(Superclean Elk Blue).

To purchase a pair of FEIT shoes, you don’t just head down to your local sneaker outlet, you have to order them online HERE. If you register with FEIT, they will contact you, when a new run of  shoes is being produced, so you can pre-order(this gets you a discount and ensures you don’t miss out). You can order shoes that have already been produced, but due to limited numbers produced, you may not be able to get them in the colour or style you prefer. I got lucky with my MID MOC Black FEIT as they had finished production but still had a pair in my size. I will be pre-ordering from now on so I don’t miss out on anything I fancy. I decided to get another shoe style, after I recieved my Moc Mid Black FEIT shoes, but was not able to, as my size had sold out 😦

Now the MOC MID Black FEIT shoes, that this review is about, I have had now for just over a month. Normally I would write the review a lot quicker but after Josh advised me to hold off, as the leather used inside these shoes would take a few weeks to bed in, I decided to do just that. This was good advice, as the shoes have got even better, but to be honest, I have loved these shoes since the day I got them. I can feel them getting better, and have no doubt that in a few months/years they will be even better again, and feel like they were moulded for my feet. This is a reflection of just how well they are made.

Starting at the bottom, these shoes use a Vibram more flex outsole. This is the same brand sole, I have on a pair of Rocports, I have owned for years. This is a very comfortable sole, and as I do a fair bit of walking in these shoes, I am also grateful for its light weight. These shoes do not feel like heavy hiking or work boots. They are surprisingly light. I do however feel very sure footed in them, as the Vibram outsoles provide plenty of grip, combined with a snug fit, of the great design by FEIT,

The outside of the shoe is made from Kudu leather. If you are like me, you will  have never heard of this type of leather. There is a good reason for this, and that’s because the Kudu (a South African antelope) is only hunted in very limited numbers(to ensure ecological balance) in National parks, making the leather very rare and only available in limited quantities.

This leather feels amazing, as its incredibly soft/velvety and smooth, in a suede or nubuck type finish. The shoe is lined with French calf skin. This done to make sure the shoe always holds its shape. The Kudu leather is breathable and as both sides can be used, so it could be used unlined in another style. The French calf skin leather is also incredibly soft.

The construction of these shoes is of the highest quality. They use a traditional method, originally pioneered by the Goodyear family, that uses a handmade leather welt. The welt is hand sewn onto the shoe upper, and then the sole is sewn to this. Not being a shoemaker this all sounds like a lot of hard work to me but I am extremely grateful that FEIT uses these levels of craftsmanship. It is real pity that these time honoured methods are dying off, and I (and my feet) can only thank the team at FEIT for going about the process a little differently to most, as the results are more than just a little bit special

I rate these sneakers 11 out of 10. This as good as things get in life. Do your self a favor and get your self a pair. They will be your faithful companions for a very long time, on your journey through life, and may make it just that little bit better. Click here to buy a pair of the finest kicks on the planet.

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3 thoughts on “Some Very Cool New Kicks (FEIT)

    1. They are definitely true to size. I was a bit worried when I ordered my first pair(I now have 3 pairs with 2 more on the way) but the fit was great out of the box, and as they use the finest materials, the fit gets better, as you use them, and the materials mould to your feet.

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