Logitech Harmony Remote Control

piture of harmony 880 remote
Logitech Harmony 880 remote

I looooove my Harmony remote. I have many gadgets and this web programmable remote makes it a piece of cake to drive it all.

To set it up, you log into logitechs site and list what products you use and how they are connected. They give you a card to write it all down on, that makes the set up a bit easier, rather than running back and forth from your amp to the PC.

for example I use a set top box(STB) with my loewe tv and have the sound going through a Harmon and Kardon amp. if I select *watch TV* on my harmony it turns on TV , STB and amp. It also puts TV on correct input, changes picture to 16 x9 widescreen, and selects correct input on amp.

When I adjust volume, it turns it up ot down on my amp, not theTV. Same when I change TV channels, it does it on the STB, not TV.

When I select *play Xbox* on the Harmony, it turns on TV , Xbox, and amp, and then selects correct inputs on amp and TV

However, when setting up the remote online, at the harmony website, my set top box, a sherwood, wasn’t listed, so it prompted me to press a few buttons on the sherwood remote, while pointing it at the back of the harmony remote, and detected it was a *silvercrest* stb with same model designation (obviously the same unit sold under different brand names in different  markets) and presto, set top box works a treat..

My Harmony is the 880, which features a rechargeable battery and dock. it lasts about 3 – 4 weeks between charges, and the dock can be a bit fiddly to get it charging.

The harmony’s feature a cool tilt sensor, so if you pick it up in the dark, it glows allowing you to use it in low light, not really an issue anymore though, because I instinctively know where the *normal use* buttons are, like volume or channel change.

I liked mine so much I got one for my mum for Christmas, and programed it up for her. She can now actually use, what to her, was an overly complex AV set up. This unit runs on batteries, but thankfully remembers the settings during battery changes.

I rate this product 9 out of 10

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