Logitech Harmony Remote Control

piture of harmony 880 remote
Logitech Harmony 880 remote

I looooove my Harmony remote. I have many gadgets and this web programmable remote makes it a piece of cake to drive it all.

To set it up, you log into logitechs site and list what products you use and how they are connected. They give you a card to write it all down on, that makes the set up a bit easier, rather than running back and forth from your amp to the PC.Continue reading “Logitech Harmony Remote Control”

cool stuff

I love technology, and the amazing times we live in. Ill be blogging here about cool stuff I come across in my travels.

to get the ball rolling, my coolest piece of clothing is an all black Zoo York top. Its cool because the zoo york logos on it are black(on a black top) and so it doesn’t scream at anyone. V cool.

Its also cool because it was sales sample, for sales reps, and never offered for sale.

Exclusive = V V cool

peace out